Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello, guys!

You've voted for oscilloscope feature - enjoy:

View demo video (don't forget to turn subtitles on):

Further information is available here.
Don't hesitate to leave your comments!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Idea: "Vote for feature and get it!"

Hello, guys!

Thinking about what features you'd like ArduinoCommander to have i came up with a brilliant in its simplicity idea: why not just let the users decide what feature to implement?

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What boards to be supported too?

Thank you guys for taking part in the last feature opinion poll!

According to it "oscilloscope" feature is the winner and "new boards support" is the second wanted feature. I've already started working on oscilliscope feature and here is new opinion poll.

As you probably know Nano board is already supported that's why it's not listed.
So what boards would you like to be supported too?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Arduino Nano v2/3 support

ArduinoCommander v3.8 supports Arduino Nano v2/3 boards (advanced feature).

First, select board type in app settings:

Pay your attention that v2 and v3 have different pin-outs (pins 14-21).

Arduino Nano v2:

Arduino Nano v3:

See the difference: pin 20 position

It's free for evaluation for 20 app launches/board selections in v3.8.

Please report about any problems with it as i don't have the board.