Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello, guys!

You've voted for oscilloscope feature - enjoy:

View demo video (don't forget to turn subtitles on):

Further information is available here.
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  1. It would be better to call it "Logic Analyzer"

    1. Not really... Because it translates the analog input counts to voltage levels, you could conceivably use it (with some external circuit for ranging and input impedance) as a simple o-scope. All of the sudden, your Arduino becomes a mixed signal scope. I wonder what the sampling rate would be... I see an Instructable coming in the future. (Not that I'm volunteering to do it, but I expect someone will have the bright idea.)

    2. I think sampling rate is much less in comparison with pro oscilloscopes and Android is restricting screen update to 60fps which is ~15ms.

      Anyway this feature can be used for convenient graphical presentation for input signals.

    3. yes, sampling rate is much less than pro oscilloscopes, but take in mind that the video refresh rate at 60 does not mean it's measuring at 15ms, you can take as muhc readings as your bandwidth allow you, and then add those readings to the graph in just one frame. Remember old oscilloscopes that used CRT screens? they work at 60hz at least the visual part of them

  2. This aplication is opensource?????

  3. Replies
    1. Sure you use it at your own risk. Though the app does not require rooting, does not use any private or low-level API so i believe it's safe enough.

  4. great job,thanks. but where is the arduino code or at least the hex file?
    and one more question, is it pussible to make a custom android interface like push buttons for pins?