Saturday, March 30, 2013


I'm happy to receive feedbacks and feature requests from ArduinoCommander users from all over the world and some of them would prefer ArduinoCommander to be translated to their native language.

So now you can take part into making ArduinoCommander more friendly to users - translate it's UI into your native language. People speaking your native language will be very grateful to you and your name will be placed on app's website and "About" app screen.

Translation is very simple as Android has i18n support from the beginning. I will send you xml file with UI in English and you will have just to translate it to your native language.

For example: every line from xml file like this (original English UI):

<string name="Upload.selectFile">Choose file</string>

should be edited like this (translated to Russian for example):

<string name="Upload.selectFile">Выбрать файл</string>

Some lines contains numbers within brackets (original English UI):

<string name="Upload.progress">Uploaded {0} of {1} bytes ({2}%)</string>

It means that some values will be inserted there, so you should just leave it as is (translated to Russian):

<string name="Upload.progress">Загружено {0} из {1} байт ({2}%)</string>

Those who are willing, please contact me and write language you'd prefer to translate to.
Thank you!

Update 1: translated to German (thanks to Tobias Reber)

Update 2: translated to Czech (thanks to Dan aka Sparrow)
Update 3: translated to Spanish (thanks to Francisco Manuel Martin Delfa)
Update 4: translated to Dutch (thanks to Michiel De Geeter)


  1. Translation to Czech is in progress thanks to Dan

    1. Count with me as volunteer to translate to Brazilian Portuguese.

  2. Translation to Spanish in progress thanks to Francisco

  3. Hello, I can help you translate Chinese, please mail it to me, Thank!

    1. Sure, i will email you with all files needed. Thanks!

  4. Dear Anton, if you'd like some help to translate into Portuguese, please let me know. It will be a pleasure. My email is

    1. Sure, i already have portuguese translation and i will send it to you to check

  5. Hi Anton,

    I would like to translate to Turkish. My email is alikara3(at)

  6. Hi Anton,
    I can help translating into Persian (Farsi),
    Please inform me about How I can do that...

  7. Hi Anton,
    I can translate into Polish.
    My mail

  8. Hi, i can help you with the Greek translate :)

  9. Heloo
    I can help to translate to Croatian.

  10. Hi Anton!
    I can translate it to Català (catalonian language).
    Please send me the XML to

    Thank for your work!

  11. hi. I volunteer to translate to Brazilian Portuguese.

  12. Dear Anton, if you'd like some help to translate into Korean, please let me know. It will be a pleasure. My email is

  13. Hello!
    I would like to help with Romanian if you are interested. My E-Mail address is