ArduinoCommander: introduction

Control your Arduino board from your Android device over Bluetooth, Ethernet or USB (Diecimila, Duemilanove, Uno r1/r2/r3, Mega, Leonardo) using WYSIWYG interface, Android sensors or JavaScript script.

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Standard features:
  • discover and connect to Arduino board:
  • display board firmware version, name and Firmata protocol version
  • set pin mode (analog/digital input/output, pwm)
  • get/set pin values
  • LED and pin mode animation
  • read messages from the board (Firmata String Sysex message)
  • beautiful WYSIWYG interface for any screen dimensions
  • free, no ads
Advanced features:
Advanced features are paid and are marked using asterix (*) in the app


  1. i want to use the input from arduino for processing on android
    Please guide me ....

  2. Take a look

  3. What sketch do I load onto my Arduino (mega adk) to talk to commander? Dont you have compatible demo code to go with your app? I just can't find any...

    1. Sure, you have to upload StandardFirmata sketch to your Arduino board. Follow installation manual at (USB, Bluetooth, etc)

  4. trying to connect it via ethernet, overwrited the .cpp and .h firmata's files, but when i tried to upload this sketch you said

    it gave me this error : "'EthernetStream' does not name a type" on line 95

    1. Probably you've forgot to extract Ethernet library files to libraries folder (

    2. please can you tell me about the folder because I extract the file in libraries on arduino but the IDE gave me this error : "'EthernetStream' does not name a type" on line 95

  5. plug the arduino into a USB on windows computer,open arduino IDE,look at libraries and select FIRMATA,select standard firmata,upload to arduino ,unplug arduino turn off windows ,turn on android device ,open android commander,power up your arduino board,either use blutooth module or usb,on android commander,discover devices click your arduino board,click on 3 dots at bottom of app and select settings ,board type,select your arduino board ,exit settings,and your arduino board should be pictured ,tap pin 13,and tap output , set HIGH,tap ok and led connected to pin 13 should be on.....WCH