Idea: "Vote for feature and get it!"

Hello, guys!

Thinking about what features you'd like ArduinoCommander to have i came up with a brilliant in its simplicity idea: why not just let the users decide what feature to implement?

There are free standard features and paid advanced features in ArduinoCommander (inapp billing, few dollars for each feature). I assume that my goal is to implement most wanted advanced features and your goal is to get it as cheaper as it can be.

I'm going to introduce paid voting for new features in ArduinoCommander with great discount for voted people. Imagine you launch ArduinoCommander app, navigate to "Features opinion poll" screen, choose feature you'd like to be implemented, click "Vote" and pay minimal price available in Google Play (only $1)

After voting finishes the most wanted feature goes into development and is implemented. It is available for $7 for regular users and for only $3 for voted users ($1 for vote and only $2 after feature is implemented). So you can save $4.

All prices here are just for example to show the idea.

So everybody gets benefits:
  1. all the users get really most wanted features (you have to think before voting as you pay $1 for vote)
  2. voted people get winner feature with great discount
  3. app developer earn more money as more people would probably like to purchase features
I'd like to know your opinion on this idea. Please vote below or email me.


  1. Any comments and thoughts are highly appreciated

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  4. CH340 board please like you have in ArduinoDroid thanks

  5. ArduinoCommander is not supported currently unfortunately. Use ArduinoDroid instead if possible